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Gli ultimi webinar e news su Piping

Raimondo Fiorino

Soluzioni sostenibili per impianti e processi

(Documento in lingua inglese) We are industrial pioneers. GF Corporation. GF Piping Systems. Present and successful across the globe. We create connections for life. We are sustainably managed and our solutions support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). You benefit from our solutions. Benefit from unique solutions for the entire project lifecycle. With suitable systems for your application. Connections for life. Client's benefit from unique sustainable solutions for the entire project lifecycle. Today customers face challenges on using plastic piping system.

Jim Paladino

A new innovative technology to identify fluids in real-time and to assist in preventing overfills

(in lingua inglese) A sonic system to identify fluid in pipe without contact whit the product, with the same technologies is possible to have a level switch allarm.

Blair Marshall

Remote Monitoring for Oil&Gas and Industrial Applications

(in lingua Inglese) Remote monitoring all in one solution for power generators air compressors and cathodic protection for piping

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