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Additel 286 Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout

The Additel 286 Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout is an industry first! We have combined the capabilities of a high-end reference thermometer with a highly capable data acquisition system and 8.5 digit multimeter. The ADT286 is capable of scanning and recording up to 82 channels at 10 channels per second.

ADT875 and ADT878 Thermocouple Calibration Furnaces

We understand the many challenges associated with thermocouple calibration work. That is precisely why we decided to introduce the ADT875-1210 and ADT878-1210 Thermocouple Calibration Furnaces. With an unmatched stability, uniformity and an optional on-board process calibrator, calibrating thermocouples has never been easier.

E instruments Catalogo Generale 2021

Strumentazione Elettronica per Tarature, Prove e Misure Automazione e Sensoristica per ogni esigenza.

Fornetto Tarature Metrologico Additel ADT875

E instruments group presenta l'Additel ADT875 il primo Fornetto per Tarature Additel con caratteristiche metrologiche. Disponibili in tre modelli a partire da -40°C fino a 660°C.