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Soluzione ECHO® wireless per il monitoraggio delle vibrazioni

Monitoraggio e manutenzione predittiva per un corretto funzionamento dei macchinari


The USB Digital Accelerometer puts high-quality, low-hassle vibration measurements in the palm of your hand. Model 633A01allows users to take professional-grade vibration measurements right from a PC, smartphone or tablet, turning any device into a portable, handheld vibration meter spectrum analyzer. The simplicity of Model 633A01 opens the door to those just starting out in vibration, while still providing the accuracy and range needed by the experts. This unit is compatible with a variety of software applications, allowing users to choose the app that best fits their testing needs. Model 633A01 also uses standard drivers, making it possible to write custom software if necessary.


Why use valuable manpower to collect vibration data on healthy machines? Why settle for measurements once a month when you can have them multiple times daily? Why have people venture into unsafe areas to collect routine measurements? Echo® Wireless Vibration Sensors can safely "look" at the machine's health several times per day and provide immediate notification when warning or critical levels are reached. This frees up technical experts, like certified vibration analysts, for higher value tasks such as fault analysis.


Check PCB Piezotronics solutions for Industial market. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a process by which a maintenance technician is alerted to a problem developing in a critical production machine. If a PdM program is run successfully, this alert gives enough warning not only to determine what the problem is but also to order the parts and schedule the people necessary to repair it. Ideally, this warning would also provide the luxury to schedule the maintenance during a planned outage rather than at an inopportune time. This, in a nutshell, is how Predictive Maintenance programs work and they have been used successfully in many industries for decades.

General purpose - Industrial sensors from PCB Piezotronics

PCB Piezotronics offers a wide range of ICP® accelerometers with an AC voltage output. These accelerometers are ideal for route-based and permanently-mounted predictive maintenance applications. The AC voltage output can interface with third-party data collectors or other online monitoring systems for analysis.